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November 2004

Student Sues York

Daniel Freeman-Maloy, the student who was summarily suspended by York University President Lorna Marsden last year, is suing the president and the university's board of governors for $850,000 in damages.

In his statement of claim, Freeman-Maloy alleges that York's regulations provide that a student is entitled to a hearing before being suspended for misconduct and that Marsden therefore acted unlawfully in proceeding as she did. Also, the claim alleges the president and the board conspired to injure Freeman-Maloy.

Marsden vacated her suspension of Freeman-Maloy earlier this year after she lost a motion to prevent a judicial review of the suspension.

Freeman-Maloy said it was essential the courts prevent the university from taking similar actions against other students. He noted that "extensive punitive damages are required to insure that President Marsden does not use her office to similarly punish and/or defame students in the future."