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January 2005

CAUT Announces Distinguished Academic Award

CAUT is launching a new national award to recognize exceptional academics. The Distinguished Academic Award will be given to academics who exemplify the best in all facets of the profession by excelling in teaching, in research and in community and university service. The award will be presented annually to an academic chosen by CAUT's Council.

The winning academic will receive a plaque and a $1,000 honorarium. In addition, the recipient will be invited to give an address to Council that will be published and distributed by CAUT.

"CAUT is delighted to announce this new award," said CAUT president Loretta Czernis. "By creating the Distinguished Academic Award, CAUT is reaffirming that teaching, research and service are interrelated and necessary aspects of academic work."

"We want to showcase complete academics who are exceptional in all aspects of our work," she added.

Czernis said a jury of three former presidents of CAUT would receive and review nominations and recommend a candidate to the fall Council meeting. The award would be presented early the next year at the spring Council meeting.

CAUT will invite nominations through letters to member associations and announcements in the CAUT Bulletin and on its web site.

"The jury will consider nominated candidates over the summer and their recommendation will be announced at the November Council meeting," Czernis said.