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February 2005

Huntington Faculty Vote to Unionize

The Ontario Labour Relations Board has certified Laurentian University Faculty Association to represent 35 academic staff members at Huntington University.

On Dec. 1, Huntington faculty overwhelmingly voted to form a union with LUFA. Following the election, the university raised several objections with the labour board, including challenging the composition of the bargaining unit, but all objections were later dropped.

Huntington, a liberal arts institution in Northern Ontario, is one of three smaller universities federated with Laurentian.

LUFA president Peter Simpson cheered what he called a "resounding victory" of the Huntington decision.

"Huntington's full and part-time academic staff members prevailed in their attempts to unionize," Simpson said. "This was the last non-unionized part of the Laurentian University federation. Now we're able to say that all academic staff on campus are represented."

LUFA now represents more than 500 full and part-time academic staff members and will soon be negotiating to secure a first contract for its members at Huntington.

All four of LUFA's bargaining units - Laurentian, Sudbury, Thorneloe and Huntington - will be bargaining at the same time, Simpson said.