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CAUT Bulletin Archives

March 2005

CAUT Joins EI Lobby of World Trade Negotiators

CAUT joined an international delegation last month in an intensive three-day lobby of senior trade negotiators at the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Daunting Rank in Occupational Stress

If we suddenly began to bleed uncontrollably at work, we would seek medical help. Yet sometimes when we are emotionally bleeding, we do nothing to help ourselves. Occupational stress is a very real problem in our post-secondary institutions. A recent major British study on occupational stress in higher education, conducted by a team from the University of Plymouth, found that academics suffer higher levels of stress than other professionals. Academics report the highest levels of stress relating to work-life balance, overload and job overall.

Rae Review's Funding Plans Badly Flawed

The Bob Rae review of higher education documents the detrimental effects of underfunding in Ontario. But, despite championing higher education and increases in government funding, the review includes provisions that threaten adequate public funding.

Part-Timers Sign Contract at Wilfrid Laurier

Contract academic staff and part-time librarians at Wilfrid Laurier University are getting a 10 per cent salary increase over three years after ratifying a collective agreement earlier this year.

Settlement at St. Thomas University

New four-year collective agreements covering full-time and part-time faculty members at St. Thomas University were ratified in February.

Federal Budget 2005

Student and faculty groups say this year's federal budget missed the opportunity to tackle the key challenges facing Canada's post-secondary education system.

Union Victory at St. Francis Xavier

After almost a year of delays, the St. Francis Xavier Association of University Teachers won the vote in late January to represent all academic staff at the university.

Walking the Tightrope: Ethicial Issues for Qualitative Researchers

In recent years social science research projects have been required to undergo increasingly restrictive ethics testing

Reinventing Ourselves

Reinventing Ourselves examines the experiences of and lessons learned from a variety of institutions that pioneered new approaches for more effective teaching and learning

Policies of Exclusion, Poverty & Health: Stories from the Front

With rare courage and unrelenting honesty, 21 women tell their stories of living below Canada's poverty line