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April 2005

Risk and Morality

Richard V. Ericson & Aaron Doyle, eds. Toronto, Buffalo & London: University of Toronto Press, 2003; 461 pp; ISBN: 0-8020-8760-4, hardcover $70 CA.; ISBN: 0-8020-8563-6, paper $35 CA.
Risk and Morality examines how decisions about risk and uncertainty relate to moral principles and ethical conduct. In this volume editors Richard Ericson and Aaron Doyle have brought together a selection of original essays on the topic by renowned scholars in the disciplines of philosophy, sociology, law, political science, geography, criminology and accounting from Canada, the United States, England, France and Australia. Presenting cutting-edge theory and research, the essays analyze the broader social, political, economic and cultural dimensions of risk and morality. The concept of risk has become pervasive in recent years in political discourse, popular culture, organizational communications and every-day life. The contributors' respective research projects on risk and morality in politics, business, legal regulation, crime prevention, insurance, extreme sports and biotechnology provide original empirical evidence to substantiate their theories and address the ideological and policy relevance of their work. Collectively, the contributors explain why risk is such a key aspect of Western culture and demonstrate that new regimes for risk management are transforming social integration, value-based reasoning and morality. Further, they illustrate that these new regimes do not necessarily foster more responsible conduct or greater accountability in institutions.
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