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CAUT Bulletin Archives

June 2005

Celebrating Excellence

CAUT's Sarah Shorten Award for outstanding achievements in the promotion of the advancement of women in Canadian universities and colleges was given this year to Meg Luxton of York University.

Scholarship, teaching, leadership and activism have been the mainstay of Luxton's life. She is one of the founders of the graduate programme in women's studies at York, and has been key to furthering feminist scholarship. Her half-dozen books, as well as numerous articles and book chapters, cover a wide range of topics that advance the cause of women.

For more than 30 years, Luxton has given tirelessly of her time and energy, from community-based activism to organizational leadership in her faculty association, to the fight for women's rights. Luxton received the award in Ottawa on April 29.

The award is dedicated to the late Sarah Shorten, who served as vice-president and president of CAUT in the 1980s.