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CAUT Bulletin Archives

November 2005

OPSEU Demands Union Rights for Part-Timers

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union has kicked off a campaign to change the law that bars part-time college staff from unionizing.

Freedom to Publish Must Be Protected

A steady stream of cases cross my desk involving academic staff who have been denied the freedom to publish their research. The details of each case are different, but most share the same underlying cause — the imposition of commercial considerations into the content and schedule of research publication. Recent events in Manitoba demonstrate the constraints on the freedom to publish brought about by this development. They also point to some practical steps academic staff can take to reassert the preeminence of scholarly values on campus.

Facing Off Against Workplace Bullies

A recent study in Britain has produced astonishing results. The Times Higher Education Supplement online survey on bullying, answered by 843 academic staff in higher education workplaces, reports that three-quarters of the respondents indicated they worked with someone who they believed was being bullied. More than 40 per cent of respondents to the survey said they were being bullied themselves.

In Search of a Healthy Campus

A healthy university rests on many pillars. Adequate funding is essential to meet progressively higher goals. Also crucial is its integration within local and global communities, especially by providing access to students from diverse backgrounds. A healthy campus community strives to promote health and wellness activities among its students and staff.

Laurentian Faculty Vote for Landmark Agreement

Members of Laurentian University Faculty Association last month voted in favour of a new collective agreement with reduced teaching loads and “catch-up” salary provisions.

Academics to Meet MPs about Underfunding

More than 50 representatives of faculty associations across Canada will gather on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Nov

Controversial Video to Be Released across Canada

A documentary on genetically modified crops, blocked for three years by the University of Manitoba, will be released this month at events across Canada, with the support of CAUT.

CAUT, UCN Begin Talks

Last month CAUT met with officials from the University College of the North to discuss possible censure of the newly-created institution.

Academic Capitalism and the New Economy: Markets, State and Higher Education

As colleges and universities become more entrepreneurial in a post-industrial economy, they focus on knowledge less as a public good than as a commodity to be capitalized on in profit-oriented activities

The Two-Body Problem: Dual-Career-Couple Hiring Practices in Higher Education

Approximately eight of every 10 academics have spouses or partners who are working professionals, and almost half of these partners are academics as well

The Joy of Teaching:A Practical Guide for New College Instructors

Gathering concepts and techniques borrowed from outstanding college professors, The Joy of Teaching provides helpful guidance for new instructors developing and teaching their first college courses

Shedding Light on Copyright

Michael Geist has done us all a huge service in editing this timely and important volume on one of the defining issues of the early 21st century. As the government considers legislation to bring Canadian copyright law into the digital age (Bill C-60) and the courts are increasingly addressing intellectual property cases, there is an urgency in providing informed analysis on the issues from a user rights perspective. This book provides the necessary broad public policy context and detailed analysis of the complex and diverse issues captured under the rubric of copyright in the digital age.

Campus Fiction: Whose Paradise Lost?

Faculty Towers: The Academic Novel and Its Discontents is not merely about the decline and fall of English departments — where creative writers congregate — or even of universities. Eminent literary critic Elaine Showalter treats the academy as a cultural microcosm, discussing its representation in fiction as both symptom and symbol of society’s ills at large.

CAUT Sponsors Work-Related Stress Survey

Anne is an assistant professor in a tenure-track position at a research-intensive university. She is married with one small child and about to apply for tenure. She is struggling to maintain balance between work and family life and is not really sure about what is expected of her to meet the requirements for tenure.

UK Academics of Colour Face Pay Discrimination

A study by the UK-based Association of University Teachers, examining the use of discretionary pay in higher education, found that white lecturers are 60 per cent more likely to be awarded performance related pay than their black and ethnic minority colleagues.

Unions Blast Australian Gov’t over Labour Reform Plans

The Australian government of John Howard has launched what critics say is an all out assault on trade union rights and university independence through a series of proposed new labour law reforms.

Report Recommends National, Coordinated Research Strategy

Canada invests hundreds of millions of dollars each year in research at its higher education institutions. But despite a growing public policy emphasis on research in Canada, scant attention has been paid to the development of a coordinated approach for its dissemination.