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CAUT Bulletin Archives

December 2005

CAUT Launches Its Election Campaign

With a federal election now set for Jan. 23, CAUT is hoping to turn post-secondary education into a campaign issue again.

“The election is an opportunity to focus on the challenges facing universities and colleges in Canada, and to suggest ways the federal government can better protect the quality and accessibility of post-secondary education,” observes Loretta Czernis, president of CAUT.

As part of its strategy, CAUT is urging its member associations to get involved in their local election campaigns.

“Our ability to influence the political agenda during this election campaign is directly related to the ability of our associations to address local issues and concerns,” Czernis adds.

To assist members, CAUT has produced an election kit outlining ways associations can get their voices heard during the eight-week campaign. The kit contains sample questions to ask local candidates, fact sheets on the key issues, links to further resources, and suggestions on organizing local events and activities.

“It’s important for those of us committed to improving public post-secondary education in Canada to get involved so that all the candidates hear a common message in this campaign,” Czernis said.

During the election campaign, CAUT staff will be available to assist member associations in organizing campaign events.

“I want to urge all our associations to get involved in whatever way they can, no matter how modest or ambitious,” said CAUT’s associate executive director David Robinson. “CAUT will certainly be available to help in planning local activities.”

The election kit will be mailed to all member associations and will also be available online at