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March 2006

Equity Diminishes Quality

Michael Manson’s assertion in his letter (“Equity Does Not Exclude Quality,” Bulletin, February 2006) is true enough in a strictly logical sense. But in reality “equity” will have a tendency to diminish quality. Equity considerations bureaucratically handcuff those who attempt to make decisions on the basis of merit. Such considerations will instill enough fear or nervousness in those making decisions that they will tend to go for the decision which would be favoured by the equity activists, rather than risk a nasty and divisive fight.

Equity activists might argue I am unfairly impugning their motivation and their tactics. I would respond that I am being perfectly fair. It all comes down to a matter of trust. If they don’t trust others to be unbiased and unprejudiced in making decisions, why should others trust them to be respectful of merit when they oppose those decisions?

Rolf Turner
Fredericton, New Brunswick