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CAUT Bulletin Archives

February 2007

Students Rally against High Tuition Fees

Thousands of students rallied at events in more than 30 university and college communities across Canada Feb. 7, marking a day of action as part of the Canadian Federation of Students’ campaign for affordable, high-quality post-secondary education.

PSE Act Tabled In Parliament

The New Democratic Party introduced a Post-Secondary Education Act in Parliament Feb. 5, which would see the federal government playing a more active role in reducing tuition fees and promoting quality in post-secondary education.

WTO Talks Resume

Talks aimed at creating sweeping new international trade rules resumed in Geneva in January, after a six-month hiatus.

CAUT Revives Teaching Dossier

CAUT has released the first update of its guide to the preparation of an effective portfolio of teaching accomplishments in almost 20 years.

Let’s Hear It for Our Grievance Officers

It takes all kinds of people with all kinds of expertise to make any organization work, and that is definitely true of our academic staff associations. But when it comes to kudos (a very important organizational exercise), all do not share the limelight equally. For instance, bargaining committees work intensely for a relatively short time (I’m highlighting “relatively” here, since prolonged and painful negotiations are known to occur), and when their crucial task is completed and a new collective agreement is signed, their members are publicly thanked and congratulated, as well they deserve. But there is another group of members who work day in and day out, throughout the year, upholding members’ rights and making sure signed collective agreements are respected by employers: you’ve guessed it, I’m talking here of our grievance officers, the unsung heroes of our associations.

A Research Idea the Brits Can Keep

Britain’s recent move to replace its expensive Research Assessment Exercise with a cheaper “research metrics” formula for evaluating research productivity provides a disturbing and, perhaps, dangerous precedent.

Western Faculty, Board Ratify Agreement

A new four-year collective agreement has been ratified by faculty at the University of Western Ontario.

CAUT Moves into New Building

CAUT moved to its new custom-built headquarters on Queensview Drive at the end of January, after 12 years at its former home.

Strike Averted at Sainte-Anne

Faculty at Université Sainte-Anne reached agreement late last month on a new union contract with the university after a two-and-a-half year struggle.

Settlement at York

After having spent most of last year without a contract, York University Faculty Association ratified a three-year contract between academic staff and the university, ending seven months of negotiations.

Foggy Portrait of a ‘Radical’ Campus

Hugh Johnston, a historian at Simon Fraser University, has broken the taboo on writing a history of SFU’s origins in the 1960s. The title of the commissioned book plagues the reader from beginning to end. What is the meaning of “radical?” Can nostalgia for the under-reflected idea of radical explain what the radical on the “campus” means? Johnston claims, “if its mission and culture have since taken on new forms, the university’s present personality is still an outgrowth of the original.”