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June 2007

Freeman-Maloy’s Lawsuit against York is Resolved

York University student Daniel Freeman-Maloy reached an out-of-court settlement with the university last month, putting an end to a long legal battle following his three-year ban from campus for his part in two unauthorized protests against Israeli policies toward Palestinians.

Freeman-Maloy’s suspension was vacated after a court decision refused the university’s request to quash his application for judicial review of president Lorna Marsden’s suspension.

Last spring, the Ontario Court of Appeal opened the door to Freeman-Maloy suing Marsden for misfeasance in public office when it overturned a 2005 decision by a lower court judge that Marsden was not a “public official” against whom such a claim could be brought.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Freeman-Maloy had sought payment of $850,000. A brief statement issued by both parties described the terms of the agreement as “mutually satisfactory.”

Freeman-Maloy’s lawyer Peter Rosenthal said his client is set to graduate this month and plans to remain at York, doing graduate studies in political science.