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CAUT Bulletin Archives

September 2007

CAUT Motion on Contract Academic Staff Wins Backing at EI World Congress

Teachers and educators from around the world have joined together to call for fairer treatment for contract academic staff.

Making our Mark in International Scene

Another academic year is starting, and we hope it will be a happy and fruitful one for each and every one of you, as well as for CAUT as a whole!

Lethbridge Faculty Association Votes $20,000 to Start Daycare

University of Lethbridge Faculty Association members voted overwhelmingly this summer in favour of opening childcare services on campus.

Simon Fraser Announces Settlement, Apologizes to David Noble

Simon Fraser University has acknowledged it made mistakes and expressed “sincere regret” to David Noble over actions surrounding his candidacy for the J.S. Woodsworth Chair in 2001.

Breakthrough Agreements at Bishop’s University End Strike and Lockout

The three bargaining units of the Association of Professors of Bishop’s University have reached settlements after long and difficult bargaining rounds, a strike and a lockout.

Teaching Must Not Be Trumped by Research

Whenever there is a skeptical feeling about whether one can truly have an impact on the students’ educational experience, they needs only reflect on their own undergraduate experience and the teacher who changed their life.

Some protection better than none

The June Supreme Court ruling that grants Charter of Rights protection to collective bargaining was an important decision, so it was good to see it covered on the June issue of the Bulletin.

Silence on boycott speaks volumes

The key issue of the British academic boycott of Israeli universities is the protection of academic freedom, which is central to the organization. This boycott by academics in a country like the UK has significant implications for the protection of academic freedom throughout the free world.

Consider boycott of Israeli universities

Britain’s University and College Union has moved to implement an academic boycott of Israeli universities, and some university presidents in this country have already issued pronouncements condemning such a boycott.

CAUT Takes Aim at Tuition Report

CAUT is questioning a report that criticizes tuition freezes as an inefficient way of making post-secondary education more accessible.

Samuel Trosow Named Visiting Scholar at CAUT

An associate professor at the University of Western Ontario who holds dual academic appointments in the faculties of law and information and media studies has joined CAUT as the association’s 2007-2008 visiting scholar.

OPSEU Wins Union Rights for College Part-Timers

Ontario’s governing Liberals are proposing to extend collective bargaining rights to part-time college workers if reelected.

CAUT’s First Forum for Aboriginal Faculty Slated for Winnipeg, Feb 1-3

CAUT will host its first conference on aboriginal post-secondary education in Winnipeg, Feb.1-3, 2008. The conference will focus on challenges faced by aboriginal educators and on ways of responding to those challenges.

Editor's note

Throughout the summer major media, university presidents and other individuals have denounced what they described as the decision of the University and College Union (CAUT’s counterpart in the UK) to boycott Israeli universities.