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January 2008

New Year's Resolution: Say No to Workplace Bullying!

With the new year upon us, let's wish all CAUT members a very happy, healthy and productive New Year! Collectively, let’s hope we continue to make headway against the forces of commercialization, privatization and corporatization of our post-secondary institutions.

Noble Wins Freedom of Information Victory

In a landmark ruling, an adjudicator from the office of British Columbia’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has rejected a Simon Fraser University claim that documents in a company created by the university are exempt from the province’s freedom of information laws.

Is There No Room Left for Reflection?

Scholars do not work to a formal job specification. They do not republish the same piece of research in slightly altered versions to enhance the size of their CV. Nor do they write to schedules set by auditing authorities.

Popular Beat May Drown Out Genius

It is fun to imagine songwriters being assessed as scientists are today. Bureaucrats would rank their songs by which radio stations played them in the first two weeks after release.

St. Thomas Faculty Locked Out

St. Thomas University locked out its full-time and part-time academic staff units on Dec. 27, and postponed the beginning of the winter term.

Classroom IT use a pressing issue

The clarity Patrick Finn brings to the discussion of problems and issues associated with information technologies in university classrooms (“Technology in the Classroom is more than Fun and Games,” Bulletin, October 2007) is apprecaited.

Gift Preserves School Name

A group of University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni has given an unprecedented naming gift to the Wisconsin School of Business to preserve the school name.

Dalhousie Prof Victim of Malicious Cyber Attack

An ugly attack on a Dalhousie University professor and his family could happen to just about anyone as a result of malevolent use of social networking websites, the Dalhousie Faculty Association is warning.

Workplace Bullying on the Rise Across Canada

Workplace bullying is on the rise across the country, involving increasingly high stakes for employees, employers and unions caught in the middle.

Furor Delays Amendments to Copyright Act

Debate over reform of Canada’s copyright law heated up in December, causing a major scramble for Industry Minister and the Harper government.