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CAUT Bulletin Archives

February 2008

Board and Senate Bypassed in Navitas Deal

Officials at the University of Manitoba remain tight-lipped over plans to launch a private college on campus later this year, despite mounting calls for openness and a debate over the proposal.

With Help after Stroke, I Taught as Well as Ever

A professor explains how medical, university and union aid got him back into class.

Give Great Intellects Room to Roam

A theme reverberating through the halls of the modern university is the importance of research that is either interdisciplinary, large-scale, or practical — ideally, all three. Kudos and bonuses lure scientists out of their silos.

BC Student Discrimination Lawsuit Dismissed

A six-year battle in which a student’s lawsuit threatened academic freedom has come to a victorious end for four faculty members at the University of British Columbia.

What Can We Do about Workplace Bullying?

The January column examined the extent, causes and consequences of workplace bullying. Since, a number of e-mails were received attesting to the existence, and severity, of bullying on various campuses.

Strike Ends at St. Thomas

Classes resumed at St. Thomas University after striking professors and the administration agreed to binding arbitration for any remaining issues under dispute.

Navigating the Academy: Conference Connects with Aboriginal Scholars

Close to 100 academics gathered in Winnipeg earlier this month for CAUT’s first conference for Aboriginal scholars.

Turkey: Academic Freedom Curtailed

The recent conviction of a Turkish political science professor on charges of insulting the late founder of modern Turkey is a chilling statement on academic freedom in that country, CAUT warns.

Corporate Ethos Reshaping University Culture

In an era of democratic crisis, universities are abandoning their conventional role as independent sources of critical thought and moving towards becoming centralized sites of corporate-funded knowledge production.

US Endowments Up 17.2%

University endowments in the United States earned an average return for the 2007 fiscal year. The greatest gains were among 63 institutions with endowments over $ billion.