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May 2008

The Creator as Critic & Other Writings by E.M. Forster

Jeffrey M. Heath, ed. Toronto: Dundurn Press; 2007; 650 pp; ISBN: 978-1-5500252-2-4, hardcover $90.00 CA.
E.M. Forster, whose novels, including A Room with a View, Howards End, and A Passage to India, probe the values of the English middle class, is recognized as one of the 20th century’s most distinguished authors. He was also a highly-respected literary critic. The Creator as Critic contains more than 40 of Forster’s hitherto-unpublished essays, lectures and memoirs, spanning the period 1898 to 1960. They reflect his views on a wide range of authors: Coleridge, Tolstoy, Pater, Wilde, James, Hardy, Butler, Housman, Kipling, Joyce, Lawrence, Proust, Cavafy and others. This book also presents the original texts of some 30 broadcasts made by Forster for the BBC between 1928 and 1959. These radio talks, collected for the first time in this volume, are the thoughtful and thought-provoking products of Forster’s active engagement with the literary, political and social events of his time.

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