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CAUT Bulletin Archives

June 2008

Honouring Extraordinary Women

The 2007 Sarah Shorten Awards were presented at the May CAUT Council to sociologist Patricia Monture, an award-winning writer, activist and community leader and Jill Ker Conway, internationally renowned historian, best-selling author and feminist.

New Copyright Bill Harms Educators and Researchers

Bill C-61, the federal government’s proposed amendments to the Copyright Act, drastically restricts access to electronic documents and online material.

A Contest No One Can Win

The “league-table mentality,” whose malign impact on schools and universities has been much discussed recently, is an odd phenomenon. We all know that many rankings make little or no sense, but the urge to compile them seems irresistible.

Towards a New Coalition Movement in Higher Education

Penni Stewart was elected vice-president of CAUT in 2007, following a long history of activism within her local association at York University, where she served in many capacities, including a three-year term as chair and most recently as one of two chief stewards of the association.

Apollo Gets First Recognition in Canada

In its rush to welcome a private, for-profit university to Fredericton, the New Brunswick government is ignoring the dismal record of the school’s parent company, and putting students’ academic futures at risk, warns CAUT.

Saint Paul Academic Staff Union Certified

The Association of Professors of Saint Paul University has won its drive to represent full-time faculty members and professional librarians at the university in Ottawa.

CAUT Welcomes New Federation, New Local

The Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Association and the sessional faculty union at the University of Toronto (CUPE 3902 Unit 3) were voted into membership at CAUT’s council meeting last month.

Semipro Sports Programs Taint University Tradition

In 1949, four university football teams were playing in the Senior Intercollegiate Football League that existed at the time in Central Canada — Toronto, McGill, Queen’s and Western Ontario.