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CAUT Bulletin Archives

September 2008

CAUT Calls on Acadia to Reinstate Fired Professor

A CAUT investigatory committee has found that Acadia University acted inappropriately in firing a tenured full professor at the university, who also held the positions of director of the university’s school of computer science and acting dean of science.

Education Minister Interferes in Memorial University Hiring

Unprecedented interference by the govern­ment of Newfoundland and Labrador in the year-long search for a new president of Memorial University is a threat to the institution’s autonomy and the academic freedom of its staff, charges CAUT.

Women Still Lagging & Losing in Sciences

Female students and academic staff continue to suffer inequities despite numerous reports documenting the problems and decades of policy, administrative and regulatory initiatives to resolve them.

Marking Schemes Are an Abomination

Some traditionalists will be more exercised at the intrusion of postmodernism into candidates’ an­swers and examiners’ marks.

Join the National Union

The National Union of CAUT has established a new award to recognize members who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of equity in the post-secondary community.

UK Report Raises Concerns about Use of Headhunters in University Recruitment

The widespread use of headhun­ters to recruit and select university leaders may be doing more harm than good, even as the number of post-secondary institutions employing search firms continues to rise, a new report has revealed.

Snitch Project Reminiscent of McCarthyism

A conservative network of aca­demics and students in the Uni­ted States has launched a new initiative calling for volunteers to help “keep watch” over American colleges and universities.

York Agrees to Mediation over Class Cancellations

A professor’s 2006 complaint about York University’s practice of cancelling classes on Jewish holidays will proceed to mediation in mid-September, but the case may be more-or-less moot by that point.

Strike Ends at U of Sudbury

The academic staff union at the University of Sudbury reached a tentative agreement with the administration, nine days into a strike.

Don’t Believe the Numbers

It seems the mathematicians don’t believe the numbers, at least when it comes to bibliometrics. That’s according to a report released by the International Mathematical Union, which warns that the increasingly prevalent reli­ance on statistics is quite simply “unfounded.”

Survey Exposes Surprisingly High Rates of Research Fraud among US Scientists

A survey on research ethics among publicly-funded U.S. scientists has exposed higher than expected rates of misconduct and serious underreporting issues, sparking questions about the effectiveness of self-regulation.

A Weighty Tome in More Ways than One

A diligent Greek-Libyan scholar is credited with making an enormous and complete catalogue of the ancient Library of Alexandria. That catalogue, like the library itself, disappeared from view well before 600 CE.