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February 2009

Grown Up Digital:

How the Net Generation Is Changing Your World

Don Tapscott. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2008; 384 pp; ISBN: 978-0071-508636, hardcover $27.95 us.
Chances are you know a person between the ages of 11 and 30. You’ve seen them doing five things at once: texting friends, downloading music, uploading videos, watching a movie on a two-inch screen, and doing who-knows-what on Facebook or MySpace. They’re the first generation to have literally grown up digital — and they’re part of a global cultural phenomenon that’s here to stay. The bottom line is this: If you understand the Net Generation, you will understand the future. If you’re a Baby Boomer or Gen-Xer, this is your field guide. A fascinating inside look at the Net Generation, Grown Up Digital is inspired by a $4 million private research study. New York Times bestselling author Don Tapscott has surveyed more than 11,000 young people. Instead of a bunch of spoiled “screenagers” with short attention spans and zero social skills, he discovered a remarkably bright community which has developed revolu­tionary new ways of thinking, interacting, working and socializing. Today’s young people are using technology in ways you could never imagine — and they’re changing every aspect of modern life, from the workplace to the marketplace to politics to education. The Net Gene­ra­tion has arrived. Are you ready for it?

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