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February 2009

Redefining Retirement:

New Realities for Boomer Women

Margret Hovanec & Elizabeth Shilton. Toronto, ON: Second Story Press, 2007; 279 pp; ISBN: 978-1-897187-21-0, paper $24.95 ca.
We were the first generation of women to enter the workforce in massive numbers, breaking down the entry barriers. Now we are the first generation to retire in massive numbers, leading the rush for the exits. We won’t expe­rience the same retirement our parents did. That clean and clear divide between the world of work and the world of retirement as we have known it no longer exists. Welcome to the New Retirement! But what will this mean? Women have different retirement issues — our retirement income is 65 cents of the (male) dollar and we retire earlier, but we live longer and often alone, for the first time. Redefining Retirement is about women revolutionizing the boundaries between the world of work and the world of retirement. It goes beyond the traditional financial advice surrounding retirement and addresses how to make the best use of precious resources and time and find value in what we do, build a durable network of social supports to stay connected, maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid threats to wellness when aging, and find a balance between retirement expenses and income.

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