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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 2009

St. Jerome’s Academic Staff Join CAUT

The CAUT Council unanimously voted April 23 to recognize St. Jerome’s University Academic Staff Association as its 70th local member.

The Council action came a month after academic staff at St. Jerome’s voted to certify SJU-ASA as a labour union and days after the association sent its application to CAUT.

“CAUT is always delighted to welcome a new member, and today we welcome the SJU-ASA and its president David Seljak,” said CAUT executive director James Turk, after the vote tally was announced.

SJU-ASA, with a bargaining unit of 31, was formed earlier this year.

Seljak said the SJU-ASA membership felt it was important to be involved with CAUT from the outset. “CAUT membership was often discussed and, in fact, served as the starting point for most of our deliberations on the formation of SJU-ASA,” he said.

St. Jerome’s, an independent Catholic university affiliated with the University of Waterloo, registers students in the faculties of arts and mathematics.