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September 2009

Acadia University Agrees to Resolve Wightman Case through Arbitration

With the assistance of mediator Bruce Outhouse, Acadia Uni­ver­sity and CAUT reached an agreement in the case of Dr. Colin Wightman — whose termination by Acadia had prompted CAUT to start censure proceedings against the university.

Acadia and CAUT agreed that the issue of whether there was just cause for Wightman's termination in September 2007 will be referred to an arbitration board that will have all the powers and authority of an arbitrator appointed pursuant to the Trade Union Act and the Arbitration Act.

It was also agreed the arbitration board would have full remedial authority, including the power to order reinstatement or substitute a lesser penalty or other remedy if it finds Wightman was dismissed without just cause.

Wightman and Acadia agreed that pending legal action would be dismissed by consent order.

For its part, CAUT agreed to recommend to CAUT Council that consideration of censure against Acadia be terminated, regardless of the outcome of the arbitration.

The arbitration hearing is scheduled for mid-November.