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September 2009

The Evolution of American Women’s Studies

The Evolution of American Women’s Studies: Reflections on Triumphs, Controversies and Change, Alice E. Ginsberg, ed. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan Ltd, 2008; 256 pp; ISBN: 978-0-230-60579-4, hardcover $80 US.
This book offers reflections by well-known women’s studies scholars, tracing their diverse experiences in the classroom and in the university over a 40-year span. The field of women’s studies has changed dramatically since its first introduction into the university. The essays in this volume address questions that have been raised about women’s studies over the years, including whether women’s studies should be considered a “discipline” given its inherently interdisciplinary nature; how to address differences between and among women and what is the role of males in the study of gender, among many others.

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