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December 2009

Love the Questions

University Education and Enlightenment

Ian Angus. Winnipeg, MB: Arbeiter Ring Publishing, 2009; 176 pp; ISBN: 978-1-89403-740-2, paper $14.95 ca.
What are universities good for? This question has generated intense debate and is often seen as a symptom of crises in society, politics and culture. Where radicals once critiqued univer­sities’ elitism, that argument has recently been turned on its head: many academic administrators and business leaders now see a university education as little more than job training for the information economy. Such pressures threaten universities’ ability to play the critical social role that justifies them. Love the Questions is a provocative look at the central questions facing university education today. Drawing on decades of experience in the scholarly trenches, Ian Angus considers the future of academic freedom in an increasingly corporate university setting, the role of technology, interdisciplinary study, and the possibilities for critical enlightenment and solidarity.

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