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December 2009

Not a Conspiracy Theory

How Business Propaganda Hijacks Democracy

Donald Gutstein. Toronto, ON: Key Porter Books, 2009; 320 pp; ISBN: 978-1-55470-191-9, paper $22.95 ca.
North Americans have expressed themselves loud and clear on a wide range of issues — like the need for expanded and affordable health care — but it often feels like the politicians in power aren’t really listening. The truth is, maybe they aren’t. In Not a Conspiracy Theory, Donald Gutstein skillfully documents one of the most important but least recognized political developments in the last 30 years: the prolonged propaganda campaigns mounted by business to change our minds on fundamental issues of social life. He explores the roots of corporate propaganda in the United States and traces its rise and influence across Canada. He documents how corporate propaganda works, who funds it and how it is marketed to the mainstream media…usually without you ever knowing. For anyone who worries that the propaganda machine has hijacked the democratic process, Gutstein’s book is a must read.

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