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October 2010

Crandall U. Added to CAUT’s Faith Test List

Crandall University (formerly known as Atlantic Baptist University) in Moncton has been added to CAUT’s list of univer­sities and colleges that have a faith or ideological test as a condition of employment.

The action follows a detailed inquiry by an ad hoc investigatory committee created last year under CAUT’s Procedures in Academic Freedom Cases Involving Allegations of Requirements of an Ideological or Faith Test as a Condition of Employment.

The investigation, conducted by professors Berkeley Fleming of Mount Allison University and Jennie Hornosty of the University of New Brunswick, concluded that based on its review of documents and interviews with the president, the vice-president of academic affairs, and the president of the faculty association at Crandall, “it is clear that Crandall University does have a faith test.”

“To be hired at Crandall requires that one have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, that one hold personal and professional views that are consistent with the Bible and the university’s Statement of Faith, and that one’s everyday behaviour conform to the Statement of Moral Standards,” says the committee’s report.

While the university does have a statement on academic freedom, the committee described it as “significantly inconsistent” with that of CAUT and the majority of universities internationally, and “assurances that free enquiry is still possible within its constraints are unconvincing.”

“This is not about a university having a religious mission,” said CAUT executive director James Turk. “It is about requiring that faculty conform to a particular religious belief if they want to be hired or retain their jobs.”