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CAUT Bulletin Archives

March 2011

CAUT Report: Gender Pay Gap Narrows

The gender pay gap for academic staff in Canada narrowed significantly, according to a report by CAUT released recently.

Tıme to Revisit NSERC Grant Rules

As science and engineering faculty across the country anxiously await the results of the Discovery Grant competition, it is worth reflecting on the changes the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (the program’s administrator) has introduced over the past two years.

National Standards Needed for Research Integrity

Promoting and protecting the integrity of academic research is a central concern of CAUT. We have long been critical of current measures used to assure research integrity and we have been vocal in calling for national standards.

NS Students Protest Tuition Fee Increase

Thousands of Nova Scotia students preparing to take to the streets for a “Reduce Fees-Drop Debt” rally were shocked to learn a day before that the pro­vince’s next budget would reduce grants to universities and also not renew a tuition freeze agreement that expires this month.

Windsor Pulls Plug on Study Group Proposal

Study Group has had its plans for a new “pathways” joint venture scuppered by the University of Windsor’s Faculty Association after a lengthy campaign that convinced university president to refuse to sanction the deal.

BC Budget Offers Zero Percent Financing for Higher Education

On the heels of last year’s budget that froze government funding for public post-secondary institutions and student financial assistance programs for three years, the new BC budget announced the freeze would extend through an additional year.

Critical Points & Policy Implications in Charest Speech

Charest, at a record low popularity, said his Liberal government recognizes employment and education as main pillars for a healthy economy and continuing development.

Quebec to Fine McGill University

Quebec education minister has confirmed that her government will go ahead with penalties against McGill for hiking tuition fees for its Masters of Business Administration program last September.

Inquiry Exonerates Former Ottawa U. Profs

An independent committee of inquiry appointed by CAUT to investigate why computer files and documents were seized in a 2005 incident has issued an interim statement clearing two former University of Ottawa faculty members of wrongdoing.

Don’t dismiss Findlay report

The overly protesting Drs Coates and MacLatchy (Bulletin, January 2011), in thrall to one golden rule, ignore the sage wisdom of another: when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.