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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 2011

Laval, King’s College Join CAUT

The academic staff associations at Laval University, dubbed “the birthplace of French higher education in North America,” and University of King’s College, Canada’s oldest chartered university, are now members of CAUT.

NSERC trips over its own rules

According to Isabelle Blain, “After hearing from our community, NSERC gave instructions to the evaluation group executive committees this year to no longer consider the option to ‘split’ a bin,” (Letters, CAUT Bulletin, April 2011).

More grant woes

Dr. Robert Latta’s thoughtful commen­tary, “Grant system squeezes researchers, grad students” (CAUT Bulletin, April 2011), voices what many of us were already thinking about NSERC’s bean-counting of HQP (Highly Qua­l­ified Personnel).”

Collaborations: Are Universities Sacrificing Integrity?

The political scandal about the prime ministerial advisor-turned lobbyist whose activities are making front page news, obscures a more insidious role he has been playing. It is this role and especially Alberta universities’ ties to big oil and government in this industry campaign that raise alarm bells.

Cormier Recognized for Excellence in Service, Research, Teaching

Monique Cormier, a University of Montreal professor of linguistics and translation, was presented with CAUT’s 2011 Distinguished Academic Award at the association’s May council meeting in Ottawa.

BC Teachers Score Legal Victory

British Columbia’s Supreme Court has struck down legislation limiting the right of public school teachers to negotiate issues at the core of their employment relationship.

Poll: Make PSE More Affordable

A majority of Canadians believe governments aren’t doing enough to make post-secondary education affordable, a recent poll has found.

First Contract at Atlantic School of Theology

Academic staff at the Atlantic School of Theology ratified their first contract as union members in March. The new agreement, inked after 11 months of negotiations and a threatened strike.

Provincial Budgets Respond Differently to PSE Needs

The NDP government pledged multi-year funding for post-secondary institutions in its April budget, citing the need to provide a stable fiscal environment.

When the State Trembled

If we talk of collective memory, we mean ideas and events that may have come to us in family life, or in a community where they are common currency, or where music featured them, or where art and architecture transmit them.

A Different Kind of Politics

Higher education plays a vital role in democracy by educating future generations of citizens and producing cutting-edge knowledge to advance solutions to public problems.

Higher Learning, Greater Good

A post-secondary education has long been acknowledged as essential for both personal success and economic growth. But the measurable value of its non-monetary benefits has until now been poorly understood.

Our Job Is to Judge

Academics without the freedom to exercise judgement are not true academics. Frank Furedi explains why scholars must resist the rise of proceduralism.