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CAUT Bulletin Archives

November 2011

CAUT Launches National Campaign to Save Library & Archives Canada

Concerned that the one federal institution responsible for preserving Canada’s culture and history is under threat, CAUT has a launched a nationwide campaign to protect Library and Archives Canada.

Hume's Diffuse Effects Cannot Be Reduced to a Narrow Vision

David Hume was born 300 years ago this (year). Prompted by the anni­ver­sary, many philosophers worldwide reflected on his great works. In the UK this came at a cost, since doing so deflected from scrambling to find activities with more immediate and measurable “impact.”

International Engagement Builds a Stronger Base

A crisis is facing post-secondary education in this country brought on by neo-liberal transformations in our economic, social and political landscapes.

Student Enrolment Surpasses One Million

More than one million undergraduate students hit the books this fall in Canada, breaking a new enrolment record. That same month student tuition fees went up again, running at higher than the rate of inflation.

Noir Canada Defamation Lawsuit Settled, Publication of Book Stopped

Barrick Gold Corp. and Noir Canada publisher and authors have reached an out-of-court settlement, ending a legal dispute over the book critiquing the Canadian mining industry’s actions in Africa.

NSCAD Talks Could Face Strike Action

Faculty, technical staff and support staff bargaining units at NSCAD University have voted overwhelming for strike action in recent weeks in the face of employer concessionary demands.

Book Raises Issues about Academic Freedom in wake of Incident at York

During 2008–2009, Israel lobby organizations made concerted efforts to block a planned conference on statehood for Israel and Palestine at York University. So began the narrative of this new book just released by CAUT.

Quebec Professors Oppose Tuition Fee Increases

The council representing Quebec university professors voted overwhelmingly last month reaffirming its opposition to the province’s plan to increase tuition fees.

Student Loans to Exceed $15B by 2013

A new federal government actuarial report on the Canada Student Loans Program shows that the legal limit for outstanding federal student loans will be reached and surpassed as early as January 2013 as a result of sharply rising tuition fees.

Work to Rule Campaign Continues ahead of Pension Talks in UK

After a weeks-long work to rule campaign by UK academics in a bitter dispute over their pensions, employers have now agreed to resume talks with union officials.

Mandatory Retirement Ends at UPEI

A contentious six-year battle over mandatory retirement at the University of Prince Edward Island has drawn to a close.

Windsor Ratifies New Contract

The University of Windsor Faculty Association and the administration reached a last-minute deal, narrowly averting a strike. The union had said pensions, job security and wage parity with other universities were among the issues during negotiations.

Intern Nation

Of note to universities and the academics and career services personnel within them, is Perlin’s scathing critique of the academy’s role in the proliferation of illegal unpaid internships.

The Seduction of Ethics

In this book, the author looks at formal research ethics codes and how countless administrators, researchers, scholars, and policy makers are lured into their ambit.

At the Interface of Culture and Medicine

In this groundbreaking contribution to the field of culture and medicine, 25 professionals in medicine, nursing, and the social sciences have contributed 14 papers on the influence of culture in health care.

Mapping Your Thesis

This book is the complete guide to writing a masters’ and doctoral thesis and addresses the nature of interdisciplinary and mixed methods research and the relationship between the two.

The Making of a Generation

Secondary school graduates of the late 1980s and early 1990s have found themselves coping with economic insecurity, social change and workplace restructuring. The authors discuss the consequences of education and labour policies.