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CAUT Bulletin Archives

March 2012

CAUT Raises Concerns over York Deal with Private Think Tank

Concerned about universities abandoning academic integrity, CAUT’s academic freedom and tenure committee has recommended that censure of the adminis­trations of York, Wilfrid Laurier and Waterloo universities be initiated at the CAUT Council meeting.

Student surveys defended

In my opinion the commentary “Student Surveys a Poor Measure of Teaching Competence” (Bulletin, January 2012) discredits the extensive academic literature on teaching evaluations and the experience-based learning intelligence of students.

Do We Have a Pension Crisis?

About half of all pension plans at post-secondary institutions in Canada are defined benefit plans in which income on retirement is based on salary and years of service. In these, employees contri­bute a fixed amount while the employer pays the balance required to ensure its obligation to retirement income can be met.

Quebec Students Take to Streets for Protest against Tuition Fee Hikes

Thousands of CEGEP & university students are on strike across Quebec. They walked out on their classes, in an ongoing protest against the government’s planned 75 per cent tuition fee hike.

Saskatchewan Labour Law Partially Struck down by Court

A Saskatchewan court has struck down a provincial law that limited the ability of public service employees to go on strike.

Alberta Rolls Out Spending Plan

With a provincial election just around the corner, Alberta’s Conservative government tabled a budget in February with spending increases for all major social programs, ranging from a jump of 7.9 per cent for health spending to a 2.7 per cent rise for advanced education.

Osgoode Hall Law Faculty Vote for Union

Osgoode Hall Faculty Associ­ation members voted to unionize in a Labour Board vote following an application for cer­tification for full-time faculty at the Osgoode Hall Law School at York University.

BC Budget Cuts Investment in Higher Ed

British Columbia Finance Minister offered a bleak outlook for the province’s universities and colleges in his February provincial budget, with reduced funding for post-secondary education.

Providence Added to CAUT’s Faith Test List

Providence University College, located south of Winnipeg in Otterburne, Manitoba, has been added to CAUT’s list of institutions that have a faith or ideological test as a condition of employment.

Inquiry Launched after Complaints at Guelph Vet College

CAUT has established an ad hoc investigatory committee to examine a series of allegations at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College.

CAUT Hires New IT Systems Technician

CAUT has hired Sadiya Abdulrahim as IT Systems Technician. She will assist in the development and delivery of the organization’s IT programs and information for its members and staffed office.

Boycott Leads to Withdrawal of US Bill Banning Open Access

One mathematician’s boycott of megapublisher Elsevier has fueled enough momentum to end a U.S. bill aimed at banning open access policies.

The Question of Access

Tanya Titchkosky’s fine new book is stimulating and worthy of note. She takes the reader on a refreshingly forthright journey through the physical and temporal landscape of the modern university.

Leadership and Purpose

On October 30, 1911, a jubilant crowd of people gathered in their Sunday finest on the lawn of a large home on the rural outskirts of Waterloo, Ontario. They were there to mark the opening of the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada.

Feminism for Real

When feminism itself becomes its own form of oppression, what do we have to say about it? Confronting the sometimes uncomfortable questions feminism has made us ask about what’s going on for real paved the many paths to their sometimes uncomfortable truths.

Our Schools / Our Selves

If schools are truly to be instruments of social change, how we can ensure that the change is inclusive and empowering. This book examines how schools, students and educators are addressing these issues.