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April 2012

The Art of University Teaching

George Melnyk & Christine Mason Sutherland, eds. Calgary, AB: Detselig Entreprises Ltd, 2011; 226 pp; ISBN: 978-1-55059-411-9, paper $26.95 CAD.

University teaching is a challenge that is met in different ways. Beginning with the daunting task of addressing 400 first-year students in a huge lecture auditorium and ending with a single, nervous and uncertain doctoral student struggling to complete a dissertation is truly a broad canvas on which to practice pedagogy. Strategies for coping with such a range of teaching responsibilities are often developed on the fly or inherited from experiences with previous teachers. The essays in The Art of University Teaching explain the diverse paths university professors have followed to excel in teaching each new generation of students. Author insight into what works best in the contemporary context will be of use to other instructors as they forge their own approach to university teaching. The book also contains essays by university students reflecting on what they learned and how they evolved during their time at university. The values and beliefs, as well as the skills and knowledge they acquired during this critical period of maturation may be a surprise to some.

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