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September 2012

Full-Tıme Faculty Reach Deal at Nipissing

Five months of talks included the threat of a union strike.

Nipissing University Faculty Association says it has ironed out a new collective agreement with university administrators for the 180 members of the full-time academic staff bargaining unit.

The agreement reached Aug. 21, and approved at a recent membership meeting, ended talks that began in March and continued after the old three-year contract expired April 30.

While details of the new agreement are not yet being released, NUFA president Gyllian Phillips said issues that had been sticking points during negotiations in­cluded language on academic freedom, tenure and promotion, duties and compensation for de­partment chairs, pension, workload, sabbatical leaves and salaries.

The bargaining process recessed in June and spurred the union to call for a strike vote mandate from members to support the bargaining committee in negotiations with the employer.