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February 2013

The psychology of retirement

Coping with the transition from work

Derek Milne. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2013; 208 pp; ISBN: 978-0-47097-266-3, paper $32.95 CAD.

Whether it’s spending more time with family or travelling to far-flung places, many of us look forward to retirement and a respite from working life. So why is it that, for up to a quarter of us, retirement turns out to be a stressful event for which we are often ill-prepared? And can we better equip ourselves in order to enjoy this new phase of life? In his clearly-written and thought-provoking new book, recently retired clinical psychologist, Derek Milne, helps to explain the issues facing those in retirement and presents practical solutions to deal with the sometime traumatic aspects of having a lot more time on our hands. In­corporating personal experience, real-life case studies, the latest research and well-established theories about how individuals adapt to retirement, The Psychology of Retirement is the first book of its kind to draw on proven psychological coping stra­tegies to aid the process of addressing the stress of retiring. We understand why the transition to retirement is often perceived as a negative one — the end of good health, the end of financial stability and maybe the end of a sense of purpose. We are guided, step-by-step, through the various stages of retirement, from excitement to loss of confidence, acceptance to exploration, and are provided with a realistic recipe that can help provide an optimistic and constructive approach to the retirement phase.

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