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December 2013

Universities sacrifice integrity in pursuing deals: CAUT report

Universities are sacrificing their academic inte­grity in their zeal to enter research and program collaborations with industry and donor foundations, warns a major report released by CAUT on Nov. 20.

A turning point in UNB history

Anyone who was at the University of New Brunswick in 1968–1969 will remember the tumultuous events that are known in the shorthand of history as “the Strax Affair.”

Open access threatens journals

As the editor of a small Canadian society journal, MUSICultures, the journal of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music (CSTM), I must respond to CAUT president Wayne Peters’ May 2013 column, “Open access publishing serves the public good.”

Poll results show majority of Canadians hold favourable view of unions

A majority of Canadians believe that unions and employee associations play a positive role in Canadian society, according to the most recent public opinion poll commissioned by CAUT.

CAUT revamps strategy to promote equity

CAUT is revamping its structure for promoting equity, following a review of current practice and a vote called at the recent CAUT Council meeting in Ottawa.

Wilfrid Laurier, union agree on CAS contract

Contract academic staff at Wilfrid Laurier University ratified a new collective agreement earlier this month that offers steady pay increases throughout the next three years.

A spotlight on the many ills that plague scientific pursuit in Canada

Basic scientific research in Canada is under serious pressure, concludes a new report from CAUT. Funding for basic research programs nation­wide has declined overall in recent years.

Gordon Piché to retire from CAUT

After close to 30 years as the financial face of CAUT, Gordon Piché is retiring next year from the senior management ranks of the association. “It was good, great and I enjoyed it.” he said of his career.

Do babies matter?

Do Babies Matter is a riveting read, from its startling title to its formidable array of statistical, anecdotal and interpretive evidence of serious gender and family trouble in the contemporary academy.

Lifelong learning as critical action

In this era of economic uncertainty, there is renewed interest in the benefits of adult and higher education for economic and professional gain. André P. Grace questions this perspective.

Warrior nation

Once known for peacekeeping, Canada is becoming a militarized nation whose apostles — the “new warriors” — are fighting to shift public opinion in a coordinated initiative that seeks to substitute postwar Canada’s central myth-symbol complex.