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March 2014

King’s lifts ban on professor, CAUT will not impose censure

The principal of King’s University College in London, Ontario, has lifted the ban he’d imposed on professor Ken Luckhardt.

In response, CAUT has announced it will not be proceeding with censure of the school’s administration at its upcoming council meeting.

“We are pleased Principal David Sylvester has lifted the ban that should never have been imposed in the first place,” says James Turk, executive director of CAUT.

Luckhardt had been forbidden from stepping foot on campus after a complaint from a colleague over a 2012 letter to the principal and academic dean, expressing concerns about what was happening in the program in which he’d taught.

The issue was brought to a close after Luckhardt reaffirmed an offer he’d made at the time of the complaint, more than two years ago, to refrain from commenting further on his colleagues’ behaviour.