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March 2014

Moving forward, giving back

Transformative Aboriginal adult education

Jim Silver, ed. Winnipeg, MB: Fernwood Publishing, 2013; 168 pp; ISBN: 978-1-55266-557-2, paper, $21.95 CAD.

Aboriginal people who choose to improve their education as adults often face many challenges, most of which arise from the on-going impact of colonialism and of racialized poverty. Yet in Winnipeg’s low-income inner city, a variety of innovative and effective Aboriginal adult education initiatives have emerged. Drawing upon the voices and ex­periences of Aboriginal adult learners, this book describes the initiatives and strategies that have proven successful and transformative for adult Aboriginal students. Moving Forward, Giving Back posits that effective Aboriginal adult education initiatives need to be dramatically expanded to improve the health and vibrancy of Aboriginal people and communities across Canada.

Information made available by the publisher.