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May 2014

Remembering Ronald Bercov

Ronald Bercov, CAUT’s pre­sident in 1978–1979 and professor eme­ritus of the University of Alberta passed away on Apr. 4.

Ron graduated from the U of A in 1959 with a Bachelor of Science degree. After taking graduate degrees at Caltech he returned to his alma mater, where he held forth as a professor of mathematics for more than four decades.

Along the way, he served five years as associate vice-president (acade­mic), four years as department chair, sat as acting dean of science for one year, and went on to serve on the U of A board of governors. He also served on the academic staff association for many years and was chair of the Alberta Universities Pension Board.

Ron, distinguished for service to the university and the community beyond the classroom walls, put in time as president of CAUT, vice-president of the Canadian Mathe­matics Society and editor of the Canadian Mathematical Bul­le­tin. In 2004, he received the U of A Alumni Association’s Hon­our Award.

“Ron was a wonderful colleague whose wise counsel was always generously at our disposal,” said math department chair and longtime friend Arturo Pianzola. “He was a vigorous champion of our discipline at all levels in the university. We will miss him.”

CAUT extends condolences to Ronald Bercov’s family, friends and colleagues.