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CAUT Bulletin Archives

February 2015

Inquiry finds academic freedom violated at uManitoba

An investigation into the University of Manitoba’s economics department has found serious violations of academic freedom and a workplace climate that has become “corrosive and dysfunctional to the point of crisis.”

uManitoba sidesteps transparency

The University of Manitoba is implementing significant budget cuts over the next two years, yet university president David Barnard has not provided any compel­ling evidence as to why.

Editorial: Compensating adjuncts fairly

What would American universities and colleges look like without adjuncts, those fully-qualified academic staff members hired to teach on a course-by-course or temporary basis? The simple answer would be “empty” since the majority of university and college courses in the US are taught by adjuncts.

We’re all in this together

As races shape up for the 2015 federal election, we need to ensure the well-being of our universities and colleges remains an important focus of political discussion. The contributions of the sector’s educators and researchers are undeniably essential for the health and future prospects of society; without a strong post-secondary sector it’s simply not possible for a modern society to thrive.

Executive compensation picks up at Alberta’s universities & colleges

The salaries and benefits paid to top administrators at Alberta post-secondary institutions continue to soar in the face of government funding cuts and rising tuition costs.

Ad hoc inquiry to examine Laurentian’s faculty of arts

CAUT has established an ad hoc investigatory committee to examine allegations of improper procedural practices and restrictions on academic freedom within the faculty of arts at Laurentian University.

Remembering Patricia Martens

University of Manitoba professor Patricia Martens, who was battling mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer, has died at age 62. She was a distinguished profes­sor in the faculty of medicine and former director of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy.

uToronto postdocs ratify first contract

After years of struggle for a union and 10 months of negotiations, including 12 hours of conciliation at the ministry of labour Dec. 10, post­doctoral fellows at the University of Toronto have ratified their first collective agreement by a margin of 72 per cent.

uSask appeal withdrawn

Administrators at the University of Saskatchewan have withdrawn appeal of Queen’s Bench Justice R.D. Laing’s 2014 ruling against presidential veto power over tenure.