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CAUT Bulletin Archives

March 2015

Equity committee reaches out to individual members

CAUT’s new equity committee met for the first time in August 2014, with attendance from two representatives of each of the five equity-seeking groups: Aboriginal academic staff, academic staff with disabilities, LGBTQ2S academic staff, racialized academic staff and women academic staff. The committee is in the process of reviewing equity among CAUT members, within the association, and within universities and colleges across the country.

A central part of CAUT’s new equity structure is the creation of networks designed to increase activism and exchange of information among members of equity-seeking groups both locally and nationally.

The networks are not committees; all academic staff are free to join and there is no maximum number or capacity. The primary activity of the networks will be information-sharing: within and among asso­ciations; between network members and the standing committee; and between networks and the CAUT executive. Each of the five networks will operate electronically and be moderated by the two relevant members of the standing committee.

Join a network and get involved in promoting equity on campus.