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CAUT Bulletin Archives

April 2017

Bordering on danger

Tighter security measures at the border have many Canadian academic researchers concerned. Is the confidentiality of your data at risk?

President’s message / Dark night of the academic soul

The legitimacy of any university — its soul — resides in the autonomy and academic freedom of faculty to teach and do research as they see fit.

Using social media to engage supporters & build solidarity

In the recent strike at the University of Manitoba, social media giants Twitter and Facebook played an important mobilizing role.

Commentary / Why shouting down speakers is absolutely wrong

There are plenty of alternatives to shouting down a speaker. You can hand out information and post it online. You can stand up and turn your backs in disgust. You can ask tough questions. Free speech has a far greater likelihood of changing people’s minds.

Academic advisor

I am a Canadian citizen, heading to the United States for a conference. How can I protect my electronic devices from search and seizure at the border?

Book review / Bibliometrics and research evaluation: Uses and abuses

Bibliometrics and research evaluation: Uses and abuses by Yves Gingras

Interview / Julie Schmid

On Jan. 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the United States. The Bulletin talked with Julie Schmid, executive director of the American Association of University Professors, about what’s at stake.