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CAUT Bulletin Archives

January 2003

Foundation Named in Honour of Harry Crowe

CAUT Council has established a new foundation to carry out education and research on the role of post-secondary teaching and research in contemporary society.

Ottawa Must Protect Canadians Caught in U.S. Net

CAUT executive director James Turk has met with federal foreign affairs officials to express concern over the treatment of Canadian citizens travelling to or through the United States.

CAUT, CFS Launch Accessibility Campaign

CAUT and the Canadian Federation of Students are launching a national campaign this month to highlight the impact of skyrocketing tuition fees on access to post-secondary education in Canada.

U.S. Seeks to Control Research

Universities across the United States say they are facing increasing government pressure not to publish some research because of claims it might be used by terrorists.

How Public Are Our Public Universities?

Now that the Romanow Report has underscored the resolve of most Canadians to keep our public health care system public, this might be the moment to do the same for that other venerable Canadian institution, our public universities.

Wendy Robbins to Join CAUT as Visiting Scholar

Wendy Robbins, professor of English at the University of New Brunswick and vice-president, women's issues, of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS) will join CAUT as a visiting scholar for the 2003-2004 year. Her work will focus on several gender and equity-related research projects.

Enshrine Pay Equity as a Human Right

At the end of November, CAUT filed a submission with the federal Pay Equity Task Force, established by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Labour, "to make recommendations as necessary and appropriate to clarify the way in which pay equity should be implemented in a modern society."

All Presidents Resign from Italy's Universities

In a dramatic and unprecedented move, all 77 of Italy's university presidents resigned last month to protest the latest round of steep budget cuts they say are jeopardizing the country's higher education system.

CAUT, AAUP Sign Pact to Extend Member Benefits

CAUT has signed an agreement with the American Association of University Professors to provide services for members of CAUT working temporarily in the United States and members of AAUP working temporarily in Canada.

CAUT to Launch New Occupational Health & Safety Initiatives in July

Delegates to CAUT's November Council set a new course for the association with a decision making occupational health and safety a priority.

Iraq Under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War

In this critically acclaimed collection, leading voices against the sanctions document the human, environmental, and social toll of the U.S. and UK-led war against Iraq. This updated edition examines George Bush's and Tony Blair's escalation of the conflict as part of their global "war on terrorism,' even though no evidence exists that ties Iraq to the tragic events of Sept.11. Carefully documented, thoroughly researched, and written in clear language, Iraq Under Siege is invaluable for anyone who wants to understand the roots of U.S. policy in Iraq and the Middle East. This volume also includes photographs and first-person accounts from Iraq that show the human story of the sanctions and points to concrete measures people can take to end this crisis.

Condemning Students to Debt: College Loans and Public Policy

Higher education is fast becoming indispensable to an individual's economic self-sufficiency

So Much to Say Left Unsaid

Clark Kerr was, and is, a tremendously active participant in academic life. In 90 years of life he has seen public post-secondary education and public life from every imaginable vantage point. To draw on the sort of analogy he himself favours, Kerr has been a water boy, a quarterback, a coach and an owner, and now looks on from high in the bleachers. Most of us can only pine for the sort of perspective he should be able to give. Yet this book, sliced as it is into hundreds of disconnected snippets and smoothed over by Kerr's pleasant bedside manner, makes it hard to know what was going on, let alone why.

Arbitrated Wage Hike Disappoints at Calgary

Following a Dec. 16, 2002 arbitration board ruling, University of Calgary academic staff members will be forced to accept a 3.5% and a 3.75% base salary increase respectively for each year of a new two-year contract.

New Executive Assistant

CAUT has appointed Manmohan (Mick) Panesar to the position of executive assistant, communications and information

Learning by Numbers

notice there is no deadline explicitly set on the Homework! in the November 2002 issue of the Bulletin in which it was asked which was the better deal depending on whether a discount was computed before or after taxes were added, etc., etc. So taking a page out of my undergraduates' thinking, I can still submit something for credit.

A Study in Top-Down Mismanagement

The question of university governance has long been a matter of debate. Historically, and for sound reasons associated with their places in society, universities have developed a governance structure different from the more hierarchical structure typical of government bureaucracies and many corporations.