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CAUT Bulletin Archives

June 2003

Alberta Asserts New Powers Over Campuses

Faculty and students at Alberta's universities and colleges are concerned about proposed legislation that gives the province unprecedented powers over post-secondary institutions while failing to deal with the real needs of the institutions.

Mount Allison Redresses Mistreatment of Thorpe

Almost five years after Mount Allison University denied Michael Thorpe an appointment as professor emeritus, he now has his title.

Right Vision

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the President's Column in the May issue of the Bulletin - right on, Victor - sentiments well expressed and much needed.

War in Iraq Was Best of Two Evils

I wish I had Victor Catano's certainty (President's Column, Bulletin, May 2003) in opposing the recent Iraqi war, and urging that the UN replace the Americans in supervising Iraq's reconstruction. Though not without hesitations, I hold opposing views on both, from a progressive perspective.

Funding Imbalance Hurts Women

This letter is regarding the allegation by Professor Cohen, et al., that the Canada Research Chairs program discriminates against women (Commentary, Bulletin, May 2003).

Privatization Threatens Quality of Education Across the Americas

Privatization of education has increased over the past l0 years throughout the Americas, leading to deterioration in the quality of education in public schools, reduced access for lower-income citizens, and the use of public funds to subsidize private education. The mantra of governments has been more privatization, more commercialization and less public funding of education. All American countries have seen cuts in funding for public education and escalating tuition fees for post-secondary institutions. Public education is critical to the social and economic development of nations, and it is vital for the construction of democratic societies.

CAUT's Sarah Shorten Award Goes to Ursula Franklin

Distinguished scientist, humanitarian and feminist Ursula Franklin is the 12th recipient of CAUT's Sarah Shorten Award. Renowned for her achievements in the field of metallurgy, Franklin has also worked tirelessly to bring a humane and feminist voice to the world of science.

AAUP Report Criticizes Treatment of Al-Arian

A report released last month by the American Association of University Professors says the University of South Florida violated the academic rights of a controversial professor who it suspended and later dismissed without giving him an opportunity to respond to charges made against him.

B.C. Removes Teachers' Role as Self-Governing Professionals

British Columbia's public school teachers say the provincial government is trying to silence their criticism by eliminating teachers' ability to govern the profession.

The Madwoman in the Academy: 43 Women Boldly Take on the Ivory Tower

An original and highly subversive critique of the academy by women affiliated with universities and colleges across Canada, The Madwoman in the Academy explores topics familiar to women working in academia around the world: the clash between family and work, the politics of academe, and the rifts between an academic career and political activism

Setting the Agenda: Jean Royce and the Shaping of Queen's University

As registrar of Queen's University, Jean Royce shaped the university's development, and personified the university for generations of students

Exploring the Limits of Academic Freedom

People seem to agree that Academic Freedom is a Good Thing, leaving the impression they also agree on what it means, who should be entitled to it and in what context, and whether or not it has limits or what they should be. In fact, however, its meaning, limits and relationship to concepts such as tenure and intellectual property are all open to debate. And not everyone even agrees that it is a Good Thing.

Committee of Inquiry Formed for Chun Dispute

In early June, CAUT's executive committee established an independent committee of inquiry into the situation of Dr. Kin-Yip Chun, a physicist at the University of Toronto.

B.C. Gives Board Control of Degree Approval

University and college faculty in British Columbia are warning the new Degree Quality Assessment Board unveiled last month will lower the quality and accessibility of post-secondary education in the province.

Council Highlights

New CAUT Policies

New Medical School Makes Commitment to Academic Freedom

Canada's newest medical school is including a strong commitment to academic freedom and research integrity in its by-laws.

CAUT Announces Recipients of Journalistic Excellence Awards

Winnipeg Free Press education reporter Nick Martin is the latest recipient of CAUT's national award for journalistic excellence.