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CAUT Bulletin Archives

December 2006

The Eurocentric University Defended

Lord Bhikhu Parekh ("Fighting the War on Dogma" Bulletin, November 2006) makes the familiar claim that universities should not be dancing singularly to the jingles and the rhythms of the marketplace. But there is one dogma Parekh cheerfully embraces, and it is the official one that multiculturalism is the right way to advance knowledge and encourage open debate in our universities.

Dr. Gabrielle Horne Files Lawsuit against Hospital

Dalhousie University’s affiliated teaching hospital deliberately used false allegations to destroy her career, cardiology professor Gabrielle Horne alleged in a lawsuit filed late last month.

Poll: Reduce Tuition Fees, Not the GST

Canadians would prefer the federal Conservative government scrap its plans to cut the GST and use the money to lower tuition fees instead, according to a recent public opinion poll commissioned by CAUT and the Canadian Federation of Students.

Shame on You

The threat of embarrassment and inadequacy pervades every nook and cranny of education. From preschool to grad school, students are subjected to assaults on their self-confidence as their limitations of mind and character are repeatedly and publicly exposed. What could be more shameful, many feel, than being told what to think, or being constantly corrected, edited, graded and ranked?

Anniversaries Worth Celebrating!

I was recently invited to speak at Saint Thomas University in Fredericton. FAUST, the local faculty association, was celebrating its 30th anniversary, a milestone certainly worth celebrating! Actually, this fall, two other faculty associations were also having special events planned for their 30th anniversary: APBU at Bishop’s and ABPPUM at Moncton.

Ontario Protest: Reinstate the Tuition Fee Freeze

Hundreds of university and college students from across Ontario gathered Oct. 30 in Toronto and Ottawa to protest the provincial government’s decision to end the tuition fee freeze.

CAUT Council Notes Progress at UCN

CAUT Council delegates in November recognized progress made at University College of the North and voted not to censure the institution.

Academic Staff at Huron Join CAUT

Voting in November, CAUT Council delegates endorsed the membership application of London-based Huron University College Faculty Association.

Western Faculty Vote to Strike

Academic staff at the University of Western Ontario have voted overwhelmingly to strike as contract negotiations with university officials continue.

Strike Averted by Last Minute Pact at Brock University

The threat of a strike that could have closed Brock University has been averted.

Spectre of Strike at Bishop’s University

The Association of Professors of Bishop’s University held an extraordinary general membership meeting last month in response to a pattern of unusual employer demands in a set of negotiations underway for contracts for the three bargaining units represented by APBU.

Strike Averted, Agreement Reached at Carleton

Carleton University and its academic staff reached a three-year collective agreement in the early morning hours of Nov. 15, narrowly averting a strike that would have started later that day.

Arar Case Has Implications for Us All, Panel Says

The Maher Arar case has civil liberties implications for all Canadians, according to a panel of experts who spoke at CAUT’s November Council meeting in Ottawa.

Settlement Reached in CRC Complaint

CAUT welcomed last month’s settlement of a discrimination complaint brought more than three years ago against a federal government research program.