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CAUT Bulletin Archives

March 2007

CAUT Fund Awards $50K to Aid Laurentian Defence

The CAUT Academic Freedom Fund has awarded $50,000 to Laurentian University Faculty Association to support its ongoing defence of the academic freedom of psychology professor Michael Persinger.

UNBC Plans to Reduce Faculty Numbers

With the euphemism, “workforce adjustment plan” the board of governors at the University of Northern British Columbia recently approved a process to reduce the full-time faculty complement by up to 10 per cent over the next three years.

Canadian Universities Urged Not to Renew Coca-Cola Contracts

Students across Canada are calling on universities not to renew contracts with Coca-Cola.

Labour Unrest Escalating at University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan’s centennial year may go down in history as the worst on record for campus labour relations.

Agreement Ratified at Cape Breton

Members of the Cape Breton University Faculty Association have a new three-year collective

York Foundation Moves to Dismiss Noble’s Suit

The York University Foundation is arguing that a press release posted on the Internet should fall under broadcast libel law.

Taking Stock of your Tax Situation for 2006

The federal budget tabled last May by the Conservative government introduced numerous income tax changes. Some of these proposals have been enacted into law and other proposals are still making their way through the parliamentary process. Furthermore, on Oct. 31, 2006, the federal finance minister made a surprise announcement that effectively will wipe out the income tax advantage enjoyed by income trusts in four years. To soften the blow of this announcement, he also announced new proposals to allow spouses to split pension income. However, it is important to note that considering the current political uncertainty in Ottawa, some of the Finance Department’s new rules may never be enacted into law. Here’s a brief summary of many of the personal tax changes included in the 2006 federal budget and October announcement.