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CAUT Bulletin Archives

June 2007

Supreme Court Decision Protects Bargaining Rights

In a remarkable June decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that collective bargaining is protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The ruling means that governments cannot cut costs by revoking all or fundamental parts of negotiated collective agreements.

Feds National Science & Tech Strategy Gives Industry More Say

The federal government wants to boost university-business links and give industry more say over how the granting councils operate as part of a new national science and technology strategy intended to strengthen Canada’s economy.

What a Difference 12 Years Make

In February, it was the opening of our new office building in Ottawa and an occasion to reflect on CAUT’s growth since 1994, when our former building was inaugurated.

Teaching as Inspiration, not Just Method

Sadly, knowledge is out of fashion these days, thinking even more so. This is partly due to the rise of self-styled experts in teaching and learning. They are not interested in ideas but labels.

Two B.C. Journalists Take Home Media Excellence Awards

An education reporter and a former writer with the University of British Columbia’s student newspaper have won the 2006 Awards for Excellence in Education Journalism, presented by CAUT.

Stonechild Award Upheld at FNUC

A Saskatchewan judge has upheld an arbitration ruling that found the First Nations University of Canada violated the academic freedom of prominent faculty member Blair Stonechild.

What Shapes our Attitudes?

It takes courage to review a book written by a linguist. Seeing ordinary words through the eyes of a linguist makes the reviewer ponder each and every word choice, to avoid inadvertent inference.

Quick Pick: "The Last Word: Media Coverage of the Supreme Court of Canada"

Media coverage of the Supreme Court of Canada has emerged as a crucial factor not only for judges and journalists, but also for the public. It’s the media, after all, that decide which court rulings to cover and how.

Quick Pick: "Recollections of Waterloo Lutheran University 1960–1973"

Building on the success of her first volume, Recollections of Waterloo College, the author continues her personal and anecdotal history of the institution known successively as Waterloo College, Waterloo Lutheran University, and (since 1973) Wilfrid Laurier Univerity, in Waterloo, Ontario.

Freeman-Maloy’s Lawsuit against York is Resolved

A York University student reached an out-of-court settlement with the university last month, putting an end to a long legal battle following his three-year ban from campus for his part in two unauthorized protests against Israeli policies toward Palestinians.

UPEIFA Grievance Victory Secures Intellectual Property Rights

Academic staff at the University of Prince Edward Island now have protection for their intellectual property arising from externally-funded research projects as a result of a grievance settlement between the faculty association and the university.

Dedicated Service Awards

Eleven individuals have received CAUT’s Dedicated Service Award this year. Established in 2003, the award is given in recognition of exceptional service to a local academic staff association.