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CAUT Bulletin Archives

March 2008

Organizing Victory at University of New Brunswick

A campaign to unionize part-time faculty and librarians at the University of New Brunswick came to a successful conclusion when the provincial labour and employment board issued a certification order recognizing them as a bargaining unit within the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers.

Little Education Investment in Budget '08

Despite titling his February budget speech “Responsible Leadership,” Finance Minister didn’t offer a coherent vision for post-secondary education and research.

Stressed Out at Work? Join the Club!

If you experience feeling more tired, anxious and depressed symptoms on a regular basis, chances are you have joined the legions of academic staff afflicted by work-related stress: this is the new academe!

Time to quit

A gentle-looking 65-year-old lecturer in sociology, at 64, suffered a massive stroke and other major illnesses. With the help of an army of physicians, therapists and nurses, however, he managed to reacquire sufficient skills to resume his teaching,

Tentative Deal at Guelph

A tentative settlement has been reached between the University of Guelph and the University of Guelph Faculty Association on a first collective agreement for campus faculty, librarians and veterinarians.

Minister Appoints Conciliation Board for Moncton Contract Negotiations

New Brunswick’s labour minister has prevented the University of Moncton’s academic staff from going on strike before the end of the term.

Liberal RESP Bill Criticized

A private member’s bill endorsed by the House of Commons making registered education savings plans dollar-for-dollar tax deductible is being condemned by faculty and student groups, who say the tax break won’t help make post-secondary education more accessible for most students and their families.

2007 Tax Savings

The March 19, 2007 federal budget tabled by the Conservative government introduced numerous income tax changes.

Quebec: University Governance Report Undermines Openness and Transparency

Recommendations contained in a report ostensibly aimed at improving university governance in Quebec would achieve the opposite result, CAUT is warning.

Bridging Academe's Assessment Divide

After 27 years of university teaching in three different provinces, here are some observations on a dangerous trend — that of an increasingly obsessive emphasis on quantification in the areas of faculty and student assessment.

JNF Award Incompatible with Diversity & Tolerance

The University of Western Ontario announced in December that the university president would be the 2008 honouree at the Jewish National Fund’s Negev dinner.