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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 2009

CAUT Honours Guy Rocher with Award for Distinction

A sociology professor at the University of Montreal is the fourth recipient of CAUT’s Distinguished Academic Award. This highest award recognizes excep­tional teaching, research and service in Ca­na­dian higher education.

Rational fear or paranoia?

In his letter in the April Bulletin, the author argues from his experience at an Israel Apartheid Week meeting that IAW creates an emotionally charged atmosphere and an “agitated audience”.

Open discussion often uncomfortable

It seems, according to some people, that free speech on campus ends when members of the audience feel uncomfortable. The issue of Israel and Palestine is controversial and emotions are high on all sides, even at a university.

No apartheid in Palestine

In a letter, (April Bulletin) the author says “Israel is not really like pre-1994 apartheid South Africa, it is worse.” It does not make sense to apply the apartheid label to the Mideast.

Even academics spout ‘nonsense’

This review of Speak No Evil (CAUT Bulletin, April 2009) refers to the “controversy surrounding an individual’s right to free expression versus the need to protect minorities from hatred and/or violence.”

The Tradeoff between Privacy & Protection

Spring brings the conference season, a time of travel to far-flung destinations and for international colleagues to visit Canada. Before setting off, however, be aware that global security initiatives are making travel more precarious.

Protect Rights on Overseas Campuses

CAUT and the American Asso­ciation of University Profes­sors issued a joint statement saying they expect North Ameri­can universities and colleges to uphold key rights for faculty and staff in overseas operations.

Scientists Warn of Serious Implications of Cuts to Research Granting Councils

Three of Canada’s top researchers spoke about the devastating impact of federal funding cuts to university research at CAUT’s council meeting in April.

Academic Staff at Carleton Ratify One-Year Contract

Professors, professional librarians and instructors at Carleton University have voted to ac­cept a tentative agreement reached with the employer.

CAUT Council Postpones Acadia Censure

CAUT Council delegates voted last month to postpone consideration of censure of the board and administration of Acadia University over the firing of a professor.

National Survey Underscores Concern over Science Funding

Two-thirds of Canadians are concerned about how cuts to research funding will impact Ca­na­da’s ability to attract and retain university teachers, and the same majority believes government should not steer research.

A Call to Practice What We Preach

A hallmark of contemporary course outlines is the importance of developing critical thinking skills in the classroom. But how are students expected to develop these skills if they are not allowed to express or be exposed to any ideas that challenge accepted thought patterns and beliefs?

Reflections on the Academy

A wide variety of professors and professionals collaborated on this eclectic collection. These basic issues of discipline and status are relevant because they reflect the types of concerns that surface all too rarely in this occasionally intriguing, but frequently flawed book.

Reshaping the University

The author argues that attempts by universities to be inclusive are unsuccessful because they do not embrace indigenous worldviews. Programs established to act as bridges between mainstream and indigenous cultures ignore their ontological and epistemic differences.

Blurring Boundaries in the Lives of Generation @

While educators look for ways to incorporate a powerful learning medium into their practice, millions of youth are growing up in an online frontier where the social and legal rules haven’t been written yet.

Victor Catano Wins Donald C. Savage Award

Saint Mary’s University professor was honoured with the Donald C. Savage Award for his achievements in collective bargaining.

St. Jerome’s Academic Staff Join CAUT

The CAUT Council unanimously voted to recognize St. Jerome’s University Academic Staff Association as its 70th local member.

CAUT Condemns Lakehead Shutdown, Unpaid Leave for Employees

Lakehead University administration announced April 24 that the school would shut down for four days in December, citing fiscal challenges.

Histoire sociale de la Société canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation

La création en 1972 de la Société canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation, première organisa­tion nationale à représenter tous les chercheurs du domaine de l’éducation au Canada, a été un tournant majeur dans le défi lancé à la communauté des sciences sociales.

Un prestigieux prix de l’ACPPU remis à Guy Rocher

Un professeur de sociologie à l’Université de Montréal est le quatrième lauréat du Prix pour services émérites, la plus haute distinction décernée par l’ACPPU à un universitaire.