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CAUT Bulletin Archives

September 2011

World Congress Adopts CAUT Motion

The 1,400 delegates attending the 6th World Congress of Education International in July unanimously passed a resolution introduced by CAUT calling for greater balance in global copyright rules.

NSERC no longer serves our interests

Andrew Park’s letter (Bulletin, June 2011) is troubling. He laments that neither he nor his colleagues at the University of Winnipeg know what the rules are regarding NSERC’s view of what constitutes highly-qualified personnel (HQP). He is not alone.

Beware the Copyright Clause

"Yes, professor. I agree.” That’s all it takes. Then the iniquity sets in, by the world’s standards, but an iniquity nonetheless, which results in the alienation of the fruits of the work of scores of thousands of professional academics.

Threats to Post-Secondary Education Demand Mobilization of Academics

Post-secondary education in Canada is in the midst of a crisis — a fundamental transformation that is having disastrous effects on our students, our institutions, our communities and our country. In recent years we have witnessed disturbing economic, social and political changes.

New Communications Officer

CAUT has hired Angela Regnier as its new communications officer, replacing Kerry Pither who left to join the Public Service Alliance of Canada in July.

Union Says Feds Offer Little Protection to Whistleblowers

The Public Service Labour Relation Board has ordered Health Canada to reinstate one of three scientists fired simultaneously in 2004 for “insubordination.”

Invasive, Costly & Poorly Thought Out

Proposed “lawful access” bills would require telecom providers in Canada to hand over personal information to authorities without a warrant or judicial oversight, says pro-Internet group

Strike at University of Western Ontario

Librarian and archivist members of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association are on strike, after negotiations with university administrators broke off.

Toronto PhD Candidate Wins CAUT’s Stewart Reid Fellowship

The nursing student was recognized in July with the 2011–2012 fellowship as part of CAUT’s annual awards program. The fellowship is intended to recognize and reward outstanding doctoral students from among all Canadian universities.

Minister OKs McGill MBA Fees

In a surprise twist, the Quebec education ministry has decided to allow McGill to charge more than 10 times the provincial cap on tuition fees for its MBA program starting this September.

Gideon Rosenbluth, 1921–2011

Gideon Rosenbluth, CAUT’s president in 1966–1967, died suddenly of a heart attack in Vancouver Aug. 8. He was a model to family and friends of aging with dignity, wisdom and courage, remaining mentally and physically active until the end.

McGill: Contract Academic Staff Join Union

Contract academic staff at McGill University have become the latest unionized group on campus.

Academic Freedom in the Post 9/11 Era

On the clear blue morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States destroyed or damaged iconic buildings and killed on the order of 3,000 people. Shortly thereafter the U.S. administration set in motion a train of events that are still unfolding.

Faculty Incivility

In the Milgram experiments 50 years ago, “learners” and “teachers” were separated so that teachers could administer what they believed were electroshocks to learners who had answered questions incorrectly.