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CAUT Bulletin Archives

September 2012

CAUT Forms Panel to Examine Royal Military College Governance

CAUT has created an independent commission on the governance of the Royal Military College of Canada. Its mandate is to make recommendations about the preferred governance structure for the college.

Perilous Tımes for Labour

Organized labour in Canada is under unprecedented attack. This attack comes through the economic policies of right-wing, neo­liberal governments that punish working Canadians in favour of corporations and the private sector.

Join call for end to ECO Canada accreditation

The undersigned representatives of environmental studies and environmental science degrees in Canadian universities wish to draw to the attention of our colleagues our concerns over activities of the Environmental Careers Organization Canada.

Don’t Sell Lecturers Short

My former graduate student “Jason” was an excellent researcher with outstanding acade­mic career prospects. But just out of the doctoral trenches he decided he preferred teaching to research. Mentoring the next generation of global citizens was his passion.

Access Copyright Isolated

In the latest blow to Access Copyright, legal counsel for the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) has advised against entering into a license agreement with the agency.

Academic Staff at Carleton University Concerned about Donor Agreements

The Carleton University Academic Staff Association (CUASA) is calling on university adminis­trators to halt a harmful pattern of closed negotiations between the school and private donors and corporations.

Full-Tıme Faculty Reach Deal at Nipissing

Nipissing University Faculty Association says it has ironed out a new collective agreement with university administrators for the 180 members of the full-time academic staff bargaining unit.

Willard F. Allen, 1924–2012

Professor Emeritus Willard Finlay Allen, who served as CAUT pre­sident in 1969–1970, and enjoyed a distinguished aca­demic career in chemistry and adminis­tra­tion at the University of Alberta for 36 years, died July 25. He was 88.

What Are Universities For?

This collection of new and previously published material by a leading British intellectual historian and literary critic is by turns informative, entertaining, inspiring and extremely ominous.