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CAUT Bulletin Archives

September 2014

University of Saskatchewan deal ends controversial tenure veto

Members of the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association have voted to accept a deal that puts to rest a controversial presidential power to veto tenure appointments at the Saskatoon institution.

Kudos to congress for childcare

Kudos to congress childcare organizers for getting it right this year. As Guttman and Burnett pointed out, childcare at the annual congress of the humanities and social sciences is an equity issue.

School for scandal

These days you can hardly pick up an issue of a science magazine or a newspaper without reading about a case of scientific misconduct. Twenty years ago, such reports were extraordinary. Is this an epide­mic of misconduct or an epidemic of reporting?

Changes afoot as academic year begins

A new academic term has begun, and the excitement of change is in the air. Students are being exposed to new ideas, faculty are trying out new syllabi and developing new research programs, and at CAUT we are delighted to welcome a new associate executive director. We look forward to expe­rimentation, innovation and action in the coming year.

Sylvain Schetagne joins CAUT

Sylvain Schetagne has joined the staff of CAUT as associate executive director of research and advocacy. He took up his duties in August. Prior to joining CAUT, he served for six years with the Canadian Labour Congress.

Brock contract ratified

A new multi-year contract between Brock University board of trustees and the faculty association has been struck. Under the agreement, chairs’ and program directors’ stipends will show a small increase, as will professional development expense reimbursement.

Terminally ill professor pleads for asbestos ban

University of Manitoba professor Patricia Martens had one more mission as an epidemiologist as she confronted her final days with a terminal disease. She wanted the government to stop aiding and abetting the lethal trade in asbestos.

Controversy around Salaita case grows

In early August, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign abruptly revoked a job offer to Steven G. Salaita, a former professor of English at Virginia Tech, a move that almost immediately drew scrutiny from the academic community.

Ontario faculty hard at work, says new report

A new report is highlighting the important research, teaching and service contributions of academic staff in Ontario. The Faculty at Work report was released on Sept. 3 by the Council of Ontario Universities.

Carleton ratifies new 3-year deal

The board of governors of Carleton University and the union representing academic staff have ratified a new collective agreement which covers a period of three years, starting May 1, 2014.