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CAUT Bulletin Archives

November 2001

Report Vindicates Dr. Nancy Olivieri

The committee of inquiry into the dispute involving Dr. Nancy Olivieri, the Hospital for Sick Children, the University of Toronto, and Apotex Inc. issued its long awaited report in October. Two years in the making, the report warns tougher measures are needed to protect patients' rights and ensure clinical drug trials are free from the influence of drug manufacturers.

Strike Ends at Manitoba

Classes resumed at the University of Manitoba Oct. 26 after a four day strike by faculty members and professional librarians. The strike by more than 1,000 members of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association over wages and benefits ended when the association was successful in having the administration agree to submit outstanding issues to arbitration.

Education at Risk in WTO Talks

A legal opinion released last month by CAUT and a coalition of education groups and unions warns Canada's public education system is at risk during the current round of trade liberalization talks now taking place in Geneva under the authority of the World Trade Organization.

Canada's New Anti-Terrorism Bill is a Misguided Assault on Basic Freedoms

Canadians were horrified by the violence on Sept. 11 in the United States. In the climate of fear that followed the attacks, the Canadian government has struggled to develop a response to these atrocities. Part of this response has been Bill C-36, the Anti-terrorism Act.

Education Services Are Non Negotiable

A powerful international coalition of universities in North America and Europe has issued a joint declaration calling on governments to keep education services off the table during trade negotiations now underway at the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

MIT Rejects Entrepreneurial Model

Worries that online education can adversely affect faculty workload and quality prompted the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to create an electronic database of course materials freely accessible to anyone, says Steven Lerman, director of MIT's Center for Educational Computing Initiatives.

Spend to Stimulate the Economy

Two-thirds of Canadians want the federal government to spend more on education and direct job creation to kick start the ailing economy, according to the latest poll conducted for CAUT by Decima Research Inc.

Regina, UPEI Join CAUT Defence Fund

Faculty unions at Regina and PEI are the latest to join the CAUT Defence Fund

Speaking Out Against Violence

The White Ribbon Campaign is ushering in its 10th anniversary with this year's anti-violence education and awareness work

Voices of Dissent Feel the Heat in the Wake of Sept. 11

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the United States in September, many academics who have spoken out against the American government and its foreign policy are finding there is little tolerance of their views.

Feds Should Invest in Social Programs

CAUT is calling on Ottawa to provide short term stimulus to the economy and to make long term investments in social programs in the upcoming federal budget.

HRDC Outlines New Two-Tier Hiring Policy

Human Resources Development Canada recently announced changes to its policies regarding academic appointments.

UCCB Disciplines Prof for CV Query

A professor at the University College of Cape Breton has been reprimanded for publicly questioning the publications record of the university's president.

Tunisian Refugee Back in Canada

Haroun M'Barek, a Laval University student deported to Tunisia last Jan. 6 by Immigration Canada has returned to Canada. M'Barek, who was tortured by Tunisian security forces following his arrest soon after his arrival in Tunisia, was sentenced to three years in prison and five years in administrative detention by Tunisian authorities for belonging to an "illegal" organization.

Mix Money & Medical Research, But Don't Ask Us to Take the Medication

Bruneau & Wodell report on the first comprehensive investigation into the dispute involving Dr. Nancy Olivieri, Apotex, the Hospital for Sick Children & the University of Toronto. The case involves issues of research ethics & academic freedom so important to the public interest that it has attracted national & international attention.